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Welcome to The Rebel Walk Forum!

We are so glad you're here!

The Rebel Walk (RW) forum is intended to be a place where Ole Miss fans and supporters can engage with each other on a peaceful, friendly basis. The rules which govern the RW forum have been implemented to protect both the forum and its users. Please make yourself familiar with these rules. Members of the RW Team and RW Moderators are in the forums on a regular basis, and we will enforce these rules whenever necessary.

If you have questions or need help with something on the Forum:
Please contact with any questions or for help with the forum.

Items that May Result in Immediate Ban

Racism/Sexism or any other form of discrimination: The use of inappropriate or offensive language is not permitted at Rebel Walk. Inappropriate or offensive language includes, but is not limited to: any language or content that is sexually oriented, sexually suggestive or abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, or that contains racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind.

Spam: Spamming or flooding the forums, in which a user posts the same message repeatedly, is prohibited and you will be banned.

Advertising/Commerce: The RW forum will not be used as a place to do personal business.

Other Rules
Images: Any avatars, images, or URLs containing nudity, or sexually explicit attire (e.g., bikinis/lingerie) are NOT permitted in the forum and will be removed. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Strategically covered nudity
  • Sheer or see-through clothing
  • Lewd or provocative poses
  • Close-ups of breasts, buttocks or crotches
Avatars: All avatars will be reviewed by the RW team – if they are deemed inappropriate, they will be removed. If users continue to upload avatars that violate these guidelines, the user will be banned.

Bashing players: Please remember our student-athletes are working hard and doing the best they can in a very competitive arena. No player wants to drop a pass, fumble a ball, miss a layup, strike out, etc. We want this forum to be free of personal attacks on our Ole Miss athletes. Posts that attack players will not be tolerated.

Bashing coaches: While we realize everyone has an opinion about the various coaches and their staffs, try to be respectful of them and their families as human beings. Yes, they are paid a lot of money to coach and it's your right to have an opinion on how they are doing. But most of us know the lines that should't be crossed, such as personal attacks, name-calling, threats, etc. Just treat them the way you would want to be treated.

Slanderous posts are not allowed: If a post is deemed slanderous, the thread may be deleted and the poster may be banned.

Intentionally repetitive topics posted by the same user may be locked, deleted, or consolidated.

Arguments: Any threads in the forum which deteriorate to arguments between two or more users may be deleted at the discretion of our Moderators. If you have nothing positive to offer our forum and are only posting insults, attacks, and/or emoticons, you will be warned, suspended, and/or banned from the forum.

General Guidelines of Behavior

The Rebel Walk Forum is only enjoyable for our users as long as everyone plays fair. Therefore, we have come up with a few basic guidelines that we expect all of our users to agree to and respect. We are counting on our forum members to do a lot of self-policing to ensure that guidelines are being followed. Respecting these guidelines will keep the forum vibrant, entertaining, and enjoyable!

CONTACT US: If you notice a member behaving in a way that is a direct violation of the rules and spirit of the forum, please let us know by emailing

If this member’s attitude is not violating the rules but is ruining your experience in the forum, please consider ignoring them as opposed to engaging in an online battle.

With regards to slanderous posts/comments: as mentioned above, we will be notifying users if we deem a post to be unsubstantiated and slanderous. Once a post has been deemed slanderous, it will be deleted and/or the user will be banned.

Try to be civil! We know that this can be difficult if someone is being rude and disruptive. However, we also know that nobody wants to read a page full of arguments, either. Please try to maintain a sense of dignity. Refusing to engage in rude or disruptive behavior also shows a lot of class.

If you have a good idea about ways to improve the forum, let us know! We participated in the creation of this site, and we plan to add new features from time to time so feedback from our users is definitely welcome.

Moderator Guidelines

First and foremost, we hereby promise to uphold a fun and interesting forum!

We promise to be consistent and fair in any disputes that arise within the forum, and will try to keep any bans/suspensions/censorship to an acceptable minimum.

We will not engage in any unfounded personal attacks on other people or websites. We cannot promise the same for other members, but if they do decide to engage in such behavior, we will take the appropriate actions.

We will not employ "ghost" members to artificially inflate the appearance of the number of members in this forum.

We will not become involved in any popularity contests with competing communities. We will not tolerate others using this forum to slam competing sites.

Please keep in mind that we are always watching what members post in our forum. We reserve the right to suspend or ban any users that we feel are not complying with the rules and guidelines set out above.

The Legal Stuff

"All of the information contained inside this forum represents the personal thoughts and opinions of the individual members. Submissions to this forum are not reflective of the thoughts and opinions of, nor its employees. and its employees do not endorse or represent any of the opinions within the forum, and shall not be held responsible in any legal action resulting from any of the content contained within the forum. Furthermore, shall not be responsible for keeping a permanent record of the opinions expressed within the forum, and we may delete or edit submissions to the forum at our discretion if deemed necessary."


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